Clare Park’s scale of charges reflects our not for profit, charitable status. This means that we are able to offer superior value for money and to keep our prices competitive.

Our monthly fees are fully inclusive of all accommodation, domestic services, meals as appropriate, heat, light, council tax, maintenance, transport and other facilities and support services. They also include care staff on call 24 hours a day. This means that you are able to plan your monthly expenditure well in advance with full confidence.

Fees are reviewed annually to ensure our competitiveness. Every effort is made to limit increases to offer value for money as well as keeping our fees attractive to potential residents.

A loan or gift is required to secure accommodation. The interest that is earned is used in support of the wide range of facilities that are available. Loans are repayable in full at the end of your tenure. A number of financial options are possible and full information is available upon request.

Accommodation Fee Per Calendar Month
Single Rooms £2,519 – £2,998
Suites £3,114 – £4,272
Penthouse Suites £3,629 – £4,403
Bungalows £3,325 – £6,400

Note: Fees correct as from 1 January 2020